This is a collection of about more than 400 windows utilities for system, network administrators and infosec specialists.

Basically, the idea came in 2004 when I realized that most utilities I was using for forensic and analysis purposes were small and could be packaged into a single folder, so I could carry it on a USB key and use it when necessary when friends and relatives asked me to troubleshoot their PC's.

Today, the collection sums more than 400 utilities sorted in different categories, for multiple purposes :

  • Disk utilities
  • File management and editing
  • Some graphics tools
  • System management and forensics
  • Application analysis and reverse-engineering
  • Network tools
  • Development and database
  • Cryptography

All executables and DLLs have been extracted from their initial "setup" installers, in order to be portable, and also have been packed using UPX to reduce the size of the collection.

Important disclaimer: Please notice that there are some password cracking utilities, unpackers and even a keylogger that will trigger your antivirus or antimalware. However I can assure you that there aren't any malware embedded in this collection, I've checked (and reversed if possible) each individual program here. Also please note that those tools should not be used for illegal activities. Finally, all those tools are copyright their authors, please go to their respective web pages for support, claims or anything else.


And if you don't trust this disclaimer, which I can understand, just don't use those tools !

About me

I'm Bruno Kerouanton, security professional, CISO and more.

You can reach me on my blog or follow me on Twitter.